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… wherever it is needed

The BIG LEDUP™ system comes with a minimum of components, enabling quick and easy assembly for instant use, and all without tools!

Simply remove the individual components from the handy ABS travel case, assemble them (no tools needed), screw on the feet – and you’re ready to go! Digital prints with sewn silicone welts around the edges can be easily attached to the system, are user-friendly in handling and can be changed independently any time.


LEDUP™ can anywhere be assembled quickly without any tools

The patented connector system allows you to assemble BIG LEDUP™ quickly and easy, with no need for tools. Small clamping in the system connectors allow assembly without tools and prevent the system parts sliding apart before the digital print is attached.


No cables, no fuss.

Plus, an innovative power connection inside the frame known as the Pogopin means that traditional cable connections have been rendered obsolete. Simply connect the two parts of the frame together and the power’s on – genius!

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